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Default HOW TO: Access Engine Compartment on my Porsche Boxster

***Pictures to be added***

Totally easy, go for it

5 - 10 minutes

You shouldn’t need any tools for this job, possibly a medium size standard screw driver.

Remember you are accessing an engine compartment. If you have just driven the car the engine compartment will be HOT.

Step 1 - Adjust Convertible Top
We must adjust the convertible top to gain access to gain access to the engine compartment behind to the rear of the seats. These instructions are for accessing the top of the engine. For accessing the front of the engine compartment, see How To - Access Engine Compartment (Front). Open convertible top until rear hard cover is at approximately a 20 degree angle (see picture).

Step 2 - Disconnect Rear Soft Cover and Retaining Cables
The convertible top is attached in the rear by a soft cover that has a long piece of angled plastic that attaches to two downward facing plastic clips. Unclip each one by sliding angled plastic down (see picture). Be careful as these can be brittle and break easily.

On the left and right, near the rear of the convertible top, are two retaining cables that connect the convertible top to the chassis. Disconnect cables at either end of the cable, whatever is more convenient. These are snap on fittings so they will pop off by pulling with a slight twisting motion. You can also use a screw driver to pry them off but be careful not damage anything with the end of the screw driver.

Once both of these have been removed you can pull the back of the convertible top towards the front of the car to gain access to the top of the engine compartment (see picture).

Step 3 - Remove Storage Box (optional) and Carpet
Your car may have a storage box with or without integrated speakers. If it does you can remove the box by twisting the two fasteners at the top of the box counter clockwise, pulling them straight out (see picture). Put these in a safe place. If you have speakers integrated in your storage box you will need to disconnect the wires at the connection point which should be at one side near the seat.

Once you have removed the storage box (or for those who don’t have a storage box) remove the carpet by turning the two fasteners (four for those without storage box) counterclockwise and lifting up (see picture). Once they are loose you should be able to pull the carpet from the car. The carpet piece is a bit heavy as it also includes sound deadening material. You should now be able to see the top of the engine cover (see picture).

Step 4 - Remove Engine Cover
The engine cover is removed by turning the five fasteners counterclockwise (see picture). You may have to jiggle them a little as they may catch as you lift up on the engine cover. The fasteners stay connected to the engine cover so you don’t have to worry about losing them. Lift the cover out of the car and you should now see the top of the engine (see picture).

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